02110 Algorithms and Data Structures II

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General Info

Teacher Associate Professor Inge Li Gørtz, office 018, building 322, Email: inge@dtu.dk. Office hours: Tuesday 12.15-13.

When Thursday 8-12. The course runs in the DTU fall semester.

Exercise class Thursday 8-10.30 in building 210.

Class Room Teaching assistant
1 building 210, room 002 Frederik Rye Skjoldjensen (fskj@dtu.dk)
2 (English) building 210, room 008 Christian Gießen (cgie@dtu.dk)
3 building 210, room 112 Mikko Berggren Ettienne (miet@dtu.dk)
4 building 210, room 118 Lasse Kokholm (s134836@student.dtu.dk)
The exercise classes will work as follows:

Lectures Thursday 10.30-12 in Building 208, auditorium 51.

Textbook CLRS: "Introduction to Algorithms", Cormen, Leierson, Rivest and Stein. 3rd edition. ISBN 978-0-262-53305-8

Piazza The course uses Piazza as onlineforum for discussion of material.

Prerequisites The course builds on 02105 Algorithms and Data Structures I. You are expected to know the curriculum for 02105, which includes

CodeJudge Exercises marked with [CJ] are implementation exercises and can be tested in CodeJudge (https://dtu.codejudge.net/02110-e15). For each of these exercises, a detailed specification of the input/output and a java template can be found on CodeJudge.

Mandatory assignments

Each week from week 1 to 9 you will be asked to do written exercises and hand them in during the group work. These exercises will be corrected by the teaching assistants. It is a requirement for participation in the exam that you get 3 of the 9 exercises approved. The exercises do not count in the final grade for the course, but you have to pass at least 3 of them in order to be allowed to participate in the exam.
The deadline for handing in the mandatory assignment on weekplan x is Thursday in week x+1 at 9:00. The deadline for handing in the home work must be respected.
You are welcome to hand in more than 3 - the TAs will correct all the home work you hand in.

Programming Competition

The programming competition is now on. There will be a prize for the best three teams. Participation in the programming competition counts as a mandatory exercise if you pass a certain set of the test cases.The deadline is November 25th 23.59. The rules and the description of the programming competition is here.


The weekplan is preliminary It will be updated during the course.

Week Topics Slides Weekplan Material Demos
Data Structures I: Red-Black trees and 2-3-4 trees 1x1 · 4x1 Week 1
  • Algorithms in Java by Sedgewick, page 572--585 (on Campusnet)
  • CLRS chapter 13
  • Survival guide
Data Structures II: Amortized Analysis + splay trees. 1x1 · 4x1 Week 2
  • CLRS 17
  • Section 16.5-16.6 in notes by Jeff Erickson (can also be found on CampusNet)
Splay Trees
Splay Trees Deletions
Dynamic programming I: Rod cutting and longest common subsequence 1x1 · 4x1 Week 3
  • CLRS 15.0-15.1, (15.3), 15.4
Dynamic programming II: Sequence alignment and All Pairs Shortest Paths 1x1 · 4x1 Week 4
  • CLRS 25.0, 25.1
  • Algorithm Design by Kleinberg and Tardos, section 6.6 (on CampusNet).
Sequence Alignment
Network Flow I: Max-cut min-flow theorem, augmenting paths, Ford-Fulkerson 1x1 · 4x1 Week 5
  • CLRS 26.1, 26.2
Ford Fulkerson and min cut
Network Flow II: Edmonds-Karp, maximum bipartite matching 1x1 · 4x1 Week 6
  • CLRS 26.2, 26.3
Randomized Algorithms: Introduction, quicksort, selection. 1x1 · 4x1 Week 7
  • CLRS chapter 7, 9.2
  • notes by Paul Fischer on randomized algorithms section 1, 2 (except 2.4 and 2.5)
Strings I: String matching 1x1 · 4x1 Week 8
  • CLRS 32
Automata matching and construction
KMP matching and construction
Strings II: Suffix trees 1x1 · 4x1 Week 9
  • Data Structures & Algorithms in Java by Goodrich and Tamassia, section 12.3 (on CampusNet)
trie search and trie construction
Computational Geometry I: Convex hull 1x1 · 4x1 Week 10 Graham's scan and Jarvis's march
Computational Geometry II: Closest pair of points 1x1 · 4x1 Week 11
  • CLRS 33.4
  • Algorithm Design by Kleinberg and Tardos, section 13.7 (on CampusNet)
Randomized algorithm
Introduction to NP-completenes 1x1 · 4x1 Week 12
  • Notes by Paul Fischer Appendix C
  • CLRS 34.0-34.2 + 34.3 until page 1069 (page 1048-1069)
Questions, repetition, prize for programming competition 1x1 · 4x1 Week 13

Old Exam Sets

Here is the exam set from last year: ExamF14 and a solution.
And an example exam: ExampleExam.

Solutions to selected exercises

Here are solutions to a couple of exam like exercises, such that you can see how a well written solution could be: Example solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I write my mandatory exercises?Here is a few tips:

Can I write my assignments in Danish? Ja. Du er meget velkommen til at aflevere på dansk. Det samme gælder til eksamen.