Introduction to Programming and Data Processing

Course numbers

02631, 02632, 02633, 02692.
See the official course descriptions on the DTU course base by following the links above.

Course plan

The flipped classroom course starts with a short introductory lecture (information about time and place will be given on the DTU Inside calender). Immediately after, you will work with the first exercies.

Deadlines for handing in mandatory assignments can be found on CodeJudge / DTU Inside.

You can get help in the data bars when you work with the modules and the first project. In the second project you must work independently without help.

We use Piazza

In this semester we will use an online discussion board called Piazza for questions and discussions related to the course. Piazza is an effective way to get quick help from fellow students, teaching assistants, and from me. Rather than contacting the teaching assistants and myself by email, you must use Piazza for all digital communication.



Dependent on which programming language you choose, we recommend that you aquire the following text book.


Stormy Attaway: "Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving" 3rd edition. Available in the bookstore or free digital access through the library here


Downey: "Think Python. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist". The book is freely available for download here


Braun & Murdoch: "A First Course in Statistical Programming with R". The book can be bought at the bookstore.

Video lectures and screen casts

You can find video lectures and screen casts on the course YouTube channel.