The Course is No Longer Offered



Welcome to 02217 Design of Arithmetic Processors !

This is a course for M.S. students lectured in English. The course is offered during the fall term by the DTU Compute department at the Technical University of Denmark.

Course Description

Computer arithmetic has always played an important role in the design of general-purpose and special-purpose processors, and it is has been an active research area since the early days of computers. Every new generation of processors, such as GPUs, multi-core processors, digital signal processors, and neural networks, relies on progress in computer arithmetic to increase performance and lower power and energy.

We will focus on arithmetic techniques relevant to the following research areas: Application-specific acceleration, Arithmetic for Machine Learning and Approximate computing and variable-precision arithmetic.

In the first weeks of the course we will explain the fundamentals of computer arithmetic and introduce the state-of-the-art techniques in the design of basic operations (addition, multiplication, and division).

Next, for each of the three areas you will read some papers and write a summary highlighting the key aspects of computer arithmetic. The summaries will be peer-reviewed and discussed in the class.

During the semester, you will select a project topic, carry out the proposed research and develop a research paper as report. There will be no exams.

To follow this course, you should be familiar with the fundamentals of design of digital systems.